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Team Leaders at Carroty Wood Adventure Centre in Tonbridge, Kent

“Our team leaders away day was a great team building day. Testing each others trust and communication on the high ropes. Then testing our aiming and listening skills with the archery. The whole day was fun and we learnt more about how we can work better with our team members.” A. Smith – Care Quality Supervisor

Last month (May 2024), SAP Care’s team leaders gathered at Carroty Wood Adventure Centre, Tonbridge, for an exciting away day designed to help with bonding and teamwork. The serene setting provided the perfect backdrop for a series of thrilling activities, including high ropes and archery. Five team leaders, alongside our Care Quality Supervisor and Supported Living Manager, embraced the challenges with enthusiasm.

Switching the office for the great outdoors, the team found a refreshing change that invigorated their spirits. The high ropes course tested their limits, encouraging them to trust and support one another, while archery required focus and precision, mirroring the skills needed to manage their own teams. This day of adventure was more than just fun; it was a valuable opportunity for the leaders to learn about effective communication, teamwork, and leadership.

The experience brought them closer together, providing insights on how to manage their teams of six to seven people more effectively.

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