The Team

Our leadership team guides patients with equal doses of vision, smartness and boldness.


Founder & Registered Manager

With over 25 years’ experience, I’ve been a registered Nurse since 1988. I have a strong passion for the Healthcare Industry and working with the elderly is something I strongly enjoy. Over the years, I’ve gained valuable experience required to be able to run a successful business recruitment and home care business.

Whilst working as a Bank Nurse at a well-known local care home, I realised that there was serious lack of staff and most staff being provided by other agencies were either poorly trained or not up to the job. This drove me to start SAPCARE Services Ltd, with my main intention being to train people who have passion to work within the healthcare Industry. It didn’t take long for SAPCARE to create a good reputation locally and has now become a leading staffing agency provided highly skilled and experienced healthcare staff.

Locally, I’m known for being the manager who’s also on the field. This is because, I don’t just supervise my staff from the office but also work care shifts on field either inducting my staff or supervising them to make sure they are providing care to our clients at the required level. By being on the field myself, I learn a lot more about requirements for each client and it allows me to continue finding ways to improve our services. I will continue to work hard for my clients to make sure we are the number care business in our local area.


Senior Care Cо-ordinator

I over 20 years’ experience working as a carer in the Healthcare Industry. Usebia and I have worked together for many years and because she admired my work ethic she chose me to be her senior care co-ordinator. Whilst I understand the challenges involved with the responsibilities I took on, this is something I enjoy doing and my passion for care drives me to want to do better within my role.

My role involves, undertaking assessments, developing care plans, visiting patients and working with the care team to ensure smooth operation of the business.