Registered Nurses (RMN/RGN)

Registered Nurses (RMN/RGN)

We are continuously recruiting for Registered Nurses to work in Nursing Homes and Hospitals. We also require, Home Carers and Support Workers to work in people’s homes. We offer flexible working hours and the some of the roles are suited for people with other jobs.  The best part is ‘you choose when and how you would want to work’. To find out more about job roles, please contact us.

The main strengths you can bring to us is a shared passion for caring. It’s important for you to understand Our Mission and Objectives because your integrity and attitude to work should be in line with what SAPCARE is trying to achieve.


Please note, experience is required for Qualified Job roles (Proof of NMC is required for Registered Nurses), however, there is no experience required for Healthcare Assistants. If you have no work experience, we will arrange Induction Training, to which you will shadow one of experienced Senior Carers. We may ask you to do more shadowing if we are not satisfied, that you have gain the required knowledge and confidence to work on your own.

Workers can either be employed by SAP Care Services Ltd or be self-employed. If you’re employed by us, you will be on our payroll systems, enjoy benefits such as Pensions and Holiday Pay. If you are self-employed, we will require some documentation and proof of self-employment, however, as you won’t be employed by us, you will be liable for managing your tax liabilities. Please note, we do not work with Umbrella companies. We pay our staff on a weekly basis.